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 My name is Alice Neary, I'm 49 years old and a single mother of an adult son. I am the owner and operator of A Neary Biohazard Company and I was born to do this kind of work. My family owned Neary Funeral Home in Manasquan, New Jersey for two generations. Which is a landmark in New Jersey. I grew up learning how to help families at one of the worst times of their lives and I have been taught by my grandfather and father how to care for the bereaved. So I consider myself the third generation of helping the bereaved. ​ I completely understand first hand what trauma a family is facing through such a difficult time. Back in 2003, a family member of mine shot himself in his home and our family was faced with cleaning the scene. This is why I started doing bio hazard cleaning and started my own corporation. Family and friends should not have to clean-up after their loved one and Nationwide companies tend to charge more than a family can afford. ​ I have been doing bio hazard cleaning since 2003. When families need my services, it will be myself that takes care of your needs from the moment of answering your call to cleaning the scene. I feel it's important to the family to have the owner of the company there cleaning the scene personally. So when you call A Neary Biohazard Company you won't get the technicians to clean the scene, you will see me on-scene cleaning. A Neary Biohazard Company is locally owned corporation which services all of Florida.