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03 Nov Cleaning crime scenes, she says, is her calling
Alice 0 2520
The dead don’t haunt Alice Neary Jackson. For eight years, she has made a business of scrubbing some of the most grisly crime scenes in Southwest Florida. It’s the faces of the living that stick with Jackson. One look rattles her to the core. “It’..
11 Jun Deputies: Live-in boyfriend stabs, kills girlfriend's 59-year-old mother
Alice 0 1363
Throughout the evening Wednesday night, Collier County sheriff's deputies say 24-year-old Edward Lee Starcher threatened to kill his girlfriend's mother ? a threat that his girlfriend didn't take seriously.Early Thursday, authorities say he kept his ..
15 Nov Not your typical cleaning ladies
Alice 0 1072
When Estates residents Alice Jackson and Tracy Gunn are asked that common question, "What do you do for a living?" their answer shocks most people.That's because these best friends are the owners and operators of Scene Clean, a crime and trauma scene..
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